Losing My Blogging Mojo (and How I Got It Back)

You may or may not have realised that this little corner of the blogosphere has been a tad quiet lately. I’ve hardly used Twitter or Facebook and my Instagram posts have been sporadic and totally unrelated to the blog. Truthfully, I’ve found it difficult to even sit down and explain my reasons why, but to keep it simple – I’ve lost my blogging mojo.

How to Achieve Your New Year Goals

I gave up making New Year ‘Resolutions’ a couple of years ago. I really dislike the term ‘resolution’, so instead I now opt for making a list of goals and take sall steps each month in order to reach them by the end of the year. Not only is this easier to maintain but it also gives you mini challenges to focus on each month.

 I thought I would share my top tips here on the blog on how you can do the same, and make 2017 your best year ever.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Grows

If you’ve been here from the start, you’ll have noticed a few changes on the blog over the last three years. Nothing drastic, you know, just the odd modification now and then to make it look a little prettier and to keep up with ongoing blog trends. It feels like the right time to spruce up my little space in the blogosphere, here’s to a new chapter!

In case you missed it, you can read more about why I took a short break here.

Taking a Break from Blogging

Hello! Long time no post. Well, there have been a few sporadic posts here and there. If I’m being honest, and I always try to be on this little corner of the blogosphere, I haven’t been 100% happy with the content I’ve created over the past few months. It’s time to do something different, take a break from the blog and get perspective.

The Joy of Missing Out

You may be familiar with the term, FOMO – the fear of missing out. I’m unlikely to be the only person guilty of succumbing to this feeling, especially when faced with a clash of events or a disruption to plans with friends. When fomo strikes, it can send you into a crazy mindset that leads you to believe that whatever else you do in that period of time won’t be as fun or as significant, usually taking you on a downward spiral of misery and despair… well, I’ve had enough of feeling that way!

A good friend of mine recently advised me to re-train my brain into looking at the positive side of missing out on events and occasions, and since doing so I haven’t felt the fear since.

3 Days Without Social Media

Last week, in a moment of madness, I decided I would spend three days in a social media free zone. An easy task for some, a challenge for me. I thought I would reflect on the experience, sharing my honest thoughts on the digital detox and how I feel about being back online.

Here goes…