One Day in Capri

I could get used to island life. Beautiful blues, breathtaking heights and dozens of boats bobbing along the water… It was my second visit to Capri in two years and second impressions proved to be just as good as the first.

One Afternoon up in the Sky, London Sky Garden

Location: London

Whenever I visit London I spend most of my time running around the city, usually shopping is involved, and I always regret ending up feeling exhausted and out of pocket by the end of the day. Last week I landed back in the capital with one of my best pals to escape the countryside for a day, and for once there was just one plan – a quiet afternoon up in a place away from the hustle and bustle – the stunning Sky Garden.

Weekend Travel Essentials

You may know by now of my obsession with HomeSense. Whether it’s photo frames, cooking utensils or storage, it’s the place I usually find what I’m looking for. I have a weekend away with friends coming up so when HS got in touch and asked if I wanted to pick up some travel essentials, well it was an offer I simply couldn’t refuse!