Chocolate and Love. Two of my favourite things, wrapped up in the prettiest packaging. One thing I’m not giving up this New Year is chocolate – not when it tastes this good…



Chocolate and Love* is an award-winning chocolate brand with a passion for using the best ingredients to produce quality organic chocolate that tastes delicious. Reading up about the story behind the creation, I can’t help but fall in love myself with how it all began:

The origin of Chocolate and Love is also a love story: A chocolate craving Scotsman and a foodie Dane met and took a fancy to each other. So they set out to create one of the best organic ethical chocolate brands in the World.

How sweet – literally!

 With chocolate suitable for vegetarians, coelliacs and vegans, it’s not difficult to see why Chocolate and Love have won Great Taste awards three years in a row. As someone who has friends with dairy intolerance’s and vegan diets, I’m excited to discover a brand that caters to their enjoyment too.



As a self-confessed chocoholic, I’ve grown to love darker, richer flavours over the last 3 years or so and tend to opt for bars with a higher cocoa count. The ‘less is more’ approach allows me to indulge on occasion with minimal guilt – after all, life’s too short to not enjoy salted caramel chocolate! Talking of salted caramel, I’ve already devoured the one bar I was kindly sent and am halfway through the orange…

Inside the box was an informative guide to chocolate tasting, where I discovered more about the flavours and how we can use our senses to enhance the taste. I would never think of listening and smelling a bar of Dairy Milk before eating it, however, this chocolate is to be savoured. It is to be enjoyed, and guilt free if you ask me.



Whether you’re a fan of mint, coffee, caramel or just classic dark chocolate – choose Chocolate and Love. The two go hand in hand, after all. Now stocked in Sainsburys!

*These products may have been sent for review or gifted. All views are my own and my love for chocolate is real.

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  1. Ah what a lovely story behind the brand! Chocolate and love certainly do go hand in hand. Love the packaging for this and it’s so great that the ingredients in this are suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and vegans too 🙂 x
    Charlotte’s Road

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