When it comes to Christmas time, there is only one thing on my mind.

Hot Chocolate.

Whether it’s a festive cup from your favourite coffee chain or you like to make your own at home, there is something festive about a hot chocolate that tastes so much better around this time of year.

Whenever I have friends or family over I always offer to make my favourite hot chocolate, extremely simple and quick to do and tastes so good!

All you need:

  • A bar of your favourite chocolate. I use my favourite Green & Black’s – this one I chose their ‘Burnt Toffee’ bar, it tastes like honeycomb!
  • Milk. I use skimmed milk and measure the amount by pouring it into the number of mugs required.
  • Whipped cream. I just used the Anchor cream in a can, it does the job perfectly!
  • Marshmallows. I used these mini ones I picked up in Waitrose.

Heat up your pan of milk, adding in the chunks of chocolate once the milk is starting to warm through.

As you are cooking the chocolate milk through, it’s important to taste test – checking the temperature of the milk and if you require any more chocolate. Some like theirs super chocolaty while others prefer a more subtle taste.

Once the chocolate has melted in and the milk is hot (not burnt!) then it is time to pour the hot chocolate into the mugs. I do this over the sink to prevent any mess.

Shake up the whipped cream and squirt a generous amount on top of your drink.

Sprinkle with marshmallows.

And you should end up with something like this! 



Let me know if you try this and tweet me your attempts.


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