I’m a total nail polish addict. I have actually had to restrain myself from buying more until I use up the bottles in my current collection, so to make this a little easier on myself I picked up a new top coat which I’ve heard great things about through the grapevine…

This stuff is magic.


I painted my nails the night before with Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Blood Orange, slept on them, then woke up to discover they didn’t look so ‘hi-shine‘ (more like, ‘goodbye shine‘ – geddit?)

Enter, the Essie Gel Setter – a top coat that transforms your nails into how you would imagine them to look after a trip to the nail salon. It’s a DIY gel manicure in a bottle (RRP £9.99) and will change up your nail routine in an instant. Imagine all those pennies you will save by not splashing out on getting a professional mani-pedi – keep that as a treat – and use the spare cash for an evening out with friends or towards that pair of shoes you keep eyeing up…

I can’t stop staring at my nails. 


Get your girlfriends over and have a pamper party – paint your nails, pour a few glasses of your favourite festive tipple and watch one of those super cheesy chick-flicks on Netflix – the perfect night in this winter!

This polish lasted on my nails for 10 days with no chips, just a fine line at the tips where I’ve been using the nail to type. Essie have completely nailed it with this gel formula and it’s even helped me to rekindle my love for some old nail paint favourites…

Have you thought of trying this new top coat? Send me your nail snaps over on Twitter!

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  1. Ahh, I actually have this and I wasn’t too pleased with it as it didn’t last as long as yours did on my nails. Personally, if I want a gel manicure I will stick to going to the professionals!

    Nice worded review though and beautiful photo 🙂



    • Oh no, really?! Did you try it with different nail polish brands? I’m clearly not working hard enough for it to last so long haha!
      I’ve never had my nails professionally ‘gelled’ before, just a normal manicure, so I can’t compare personally – just going off friends of mine and their results. Perhaps I should ask Santa for a professional gel mani for Christmas…

      Thanks for your comment lovely xo