I’m a RomCom lover.

Coffee snob.

Wannabe Popstar.

And I’m guilty of filtering photos.

But that’s not my revelation. Read on for the big reveal…



Volvic got in touch to tell me about their #RevealYourFlavour campaign, which aims to encourage people to fully embrace who they are and show off any hidden talents and passions. They have kindly sent me four flavours of their Touch of Fruit water range to try, which happens to be perfect timing as this week we’ve enjoyed some much-anticipated sunshine in the UK, at last!

I’m pretty good at drinking the recommended 2 litres of water each day, but on occasion I find myself yearning for something a little sweeter. Enter, Volvic Touch of Fruit.

On the days or nights during summer where I don’t fancy drinking alcohol, or want to offer my guests an alternative to wine and cocktails, I opt for flavoured water. Pouring the fruity beverage into Kilner drinking glasses or milk bottles to make it more aesthetically pleasing (and Instagram-worthy), simply serve straight from the fridge with a handful of ice and a straw. A refreshing change from mineral water.



I’ve been rattling my brain trying to think of something that I haven’t already shared with you guys on the blog or social media, and I’m sure I’ll think of something better once I’ve posted this but here goes…

I can’t sleep without having a glass of water next to my bed. 

Is that weird? I asked a friend last night and they nodded yes, whilst trying to stay polite of course.

I’ve always been prone to coughing fits, so perhaps that’s where #waterworry comes from… or maybe I just like to keep hydrated 24/7! Whatever the reason may be, I have to fill my glass up to the top before I can happily drift off to sleep.

I might alternate my mineral water with Volvic’s Touch of Fruit flavours during the summer, you know, mix it up a bit.



I’m not the only one with a revelation to share. Olympic Diver Tom Daley has a confession and he’s taken to Facebook to tell us all about it – watch the video below to hear more…

Get involved and share your revelation on social media and use the hashtag #RevealYourFlavour – I can’t wait to read them!

This post is in collaboration with Volvic Touch of Fruit as part of their #RevealYourFlavour campaign. For more information, please check out their website

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