Everyone appears to have gone courgetti crazy. I can now count myself as one of them.



This nifty invention is what people have gone wild over in the last few months, with several food bloggers including the likes of Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) and the Hemsley sisters making vegetable pasta trendy. It’s super easy to use and with three different blades to choose from you can spiral your vegetables in a range of shapes and sizes. The blade used for this recipe is just the standard spiral shape to make the perfect spaghetti imposter.

Firstly, chop each end of the courgette off and position it between each end (I don’t know the technical terms yet for each part), before beginning to turn the handle – then just watch your courgette magic into courgetti!


Dishes from HomeSense

Once spiraled, place the courgetti into a frying pan (pour a little olive oil in first to get it sizzling) and then your choice of other vegetables – I threw in orange peppers, spring onion and tomatoes to give it a rainbow of colour. Let it cook for approx. 5 minutes or until the vegetables have softened, and then place it onto a dish (I love these colourful plates and bowls from HomeSense).



I also prepared some halloumi to add to the meal, but you could also use meat or whatever substitute you wish.

It’s super quick to throw together and totally guilt-free (minus the cheese, perhaps), not to mention the pure enjoyment of using the spiralizer – satisfying and addictive, you’ll be making spirals out of all sorts! I’m excited to experiment with this gadget, which I’m sure I’ll share in future food posts.


I was lucky to pick this spiralizer up in a hardware store in Devon for £19.99, but they usually retail for around £30.

Have you tried any delicious courgetti recipes?


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