Continuing my trip to Lisbon last month, our third day was our final day as a five-piece as one of the girls had to fly back home *insert sad face emoji*

It was a long day ahead of sightseeing so we picked up coffee en route. I also caved in to my sweet tooth and devoured a delicious sponge cake – the perfect breakfast alternative for those who require a small sugary treat to jet start those energy levels…



It was a 40 minute trip to beach resort Cascais, with enjoyable views all along the way we sat chatting and admired the vast number of pink houses – which led to conversations on painting our own homes pink, naturally.

Grey skies greeted us at our destination but we had high hopes the sun would join us a little later on in the morning, which of course it did. A pit stop off at the cute and comfortable café Bijou De Cascais for more coffee and pastries (savoury and sweet), preventing any hanger moments that may have occurred.




Heading towards Ribeira beach, we took a leisurely stroll along the charming streets, where you can also enjoy a spot of souvenir shopping (magnet tiles, anyone?) We managed to restrain ourselves from too much stopping here and there, as we were keen to see the sea. Mr Blue Sky finally got the memo, with the sun shining down on the smooth yellow sand, we kindly asked a fellow tourist to take a photograph of the five of us sat on the wall with the beach behind us (which I haven’t posted here due to my friends’ shy nature… but note that it’s a bloomin’ lovely picture!)




IMG_0153 cascais-and-belem-9

A quick dip in the sea was essential, and my feet thanked me for the freshen up.

Port Captaincy Building
Cropped Tee ~ Topshop // Trousers ~ Next // Bag ~ Primark // Sandals ~ Office

Cascais is actually a fishing village and was a popular resort for Portugal’s royal family in the late 19th and early 20th century. You can enjoy a stroll around the Marina, lie out on the beach or wander along the tiled streets to your hearts content, admiring each detail as you look around – we did the latter.




Praia da Rainha



The lovely Sophie from Soph’s Choices gave me the perfect recommendation for a late lunch – House of Wonders. Boasting a roof top terrace, café and a gallery, I couldn’t wait to explore inside and find out more.





With a sea view and those gorgeous terracotta roofs to look out on, we bagged ourselves a table and sat around drinking Sangria until our food arrived.

I love the decor, particularly the lanterns and bright colours, and the music playing in the background gave it a super relaxed vibe – we could have fallen asleep quite easily. Or potentially just sat there until it got dark, drinking endless jugs of sangria…




These spinach and ricotta pastries were incredible, I actually like to think of them as parcels of joy. They kept any hunger at bay until our main course arrived, a salad feast! The colours, the flavours, the combination – you should probably look away if you’re feeling peckish right now…




After demolishing our feast we took some time to sit back and relax, people-watched and discussed our favourite parts of the trip so far and what we had left to plan for the remaining couple of days. We had to pay down on the second floor, which was another pleasant experience (seriously, this place has it spot on when it comes to decor and aesthetics).






Five bellies full, we set on with the rest of our sightseeing adventure. Cascais is a real charming place to visit, a definite must if you are in Lisbon – especially if you love tiles, palm trees and beaches! 

Our afternoon in Belém will continue in Wednesday’s post, too many photos to bombard you with for one day. Don’t forget to give me a follow over on Instagram, where I’m sharing the snaps of Lisbon that don’t make the blog cut…

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