A creative at heart, I’m always eager to try something new. Whether it’s a new skill, hobby or simply learning how on earth to use manual focus on my camera – as long as I can fit it in with my busy lifestyle, I’m keen to try it. As soon as I heard that The Willow Tree in Cheltenham put on a variety of workshops in store, I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

One recent Tuesday evening, myself and my lovely Mum went along to The Willow Tree’s DIY Planter Workshop.

Now, I took Art at A-Level and I have been known to paint the odd portrait or two, so it was a good excuse to get the pastel paints out and put my phone down for a couple hours or so.

It was an intimate affair, with just four of us painting. Aside from doing something creative, it’s also a great opportunity to socialise and meet new people – and the two girls we were sat with were lovely!

Amber, who owns The Willow Tree, showed us some examples before talking us through what we needed to do and the tools we had to use.

We had three pots to paint in the 2 hours allotted time.

Not so easy when you are indecisive and can’t decide on what pattern you want… so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

I chose three colours for my base paint – white, pink and blue.

The face of concentration and relaxation…

The workshop was £15, covering all materials AND you even got to take the planters home with you (great to give as gifts!). I try to support local businesses as much as I can, and I’m obsessed with the items sold in The Willow Tree. From cute cards to gorgeous gift ideas, I’d highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in Cheltenham.

It felt therapeutic to just sit and paint (instead of spending time scrolling through my Insta feed), and to use my creativity in other ways. We are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones and sat behind laptops that we forget that there are other ways to be social, offline.

I think I might actually start this as a new hobby, adding DIY Planter extraordinaire to my creative CV…

So far, I haven’t managed to kill any of the plants – but don’t they look cute?!

Follow The Willow Tree on Facebook here, and find out more about the products and workshops they offer.

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