5 Things To Do In Cheltenham This Spring

Well well well, look who’s back with her blogging mojo! If you’ve not read my previous post then that will probably make zero sense so I’ll leave a link here for you to have a read. Going back to basics, I’m sitting down with a cuppa and sharing my list of 5 things to do in Cheltenham – because I feel like it’s about time I shared what makes this Spa town so darn special.

Losing My Blogging Mojo (and How I Got It Back)

You may or may not have realised that this little corner of the blogosphere has been a tad quiet lately. I’ve hardly used Twitter or Facebook and my Instagram posts have been sporadic and totally unrelated to the blog. Truthfully, I’ve found it difficult to even sit down and explain my reasons why, but to keep it simple – I’ve lost my blogging mojo.

Grease The Musical UK Tour Review

Grease is the word on everybody’s lips… or at least mine, anyway. I had the pleasure of going along to watch Grease The Musical at the New Theatre in Oxford on Tuesday night, as it kicks off a UK tour with a dazzling cast of familiar faces.

Tasty Tuesday at Whole Foods, Valentines Edition

Valentines Day. Great if you’re in a relationship, but if you’re single *ahem* then it’s just another day. Luckily I had plans to go and sample some delicious food and drink to take my mind off it. Tasty Tuesday at Whole Foods happens once a month and costs just £5 for five dishes…

One Line A Day

The idea is simple. One line for every day of the year for five years. A small space where you can write your thoughts about the present day. It doesn’t ask you to write anything specific, just a sentence or two to sum up your day – whether it be good or bad – it’s a memory.

January Beauty Favourites 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a beauty post. In fact, I don’t think I’ve written one since June – so it’s long overdue! There have been quite a few beauty favourites this month that I’ve wanted to share on the blog, and apart from two ‘holy grail’ products, they’re all new discoveries too.

Lost in La La Land

Romantic. Funny. EmotionalBeautiful.

A few nights ago I finally sat down and watched La La Land at the cinema and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.