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I’ve been meaning to do a review on these for a while now, so when I reached for the box of pore strips this morning and found only one left I thought now would be a good time to type up my thoughts.

There’s something strangely satisfying about removing all the built-up dirt (which can lead to blackheads), and nose strips like these ones by Bioré are an effective way of cleaning your pores. Using them on a regular basis may also visibly reduce the appearance of your pores, so they recommend you do this once every three days. At £7.99 per pack of 6 I tend to only use one per fortnight (when I remember), trusting that my daily makeup remover routine is doing its job well enough without any more assistance.

I’ve tried out an almost identical product from Marks and Spencer and found them to be slightly better than the  Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, but unfortunately they seem to be discontinued in most M&S stores.

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If you’re not too familiar with the process, here are the steps:

First, remove the nose strip from the packaging.

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After washing your face, wet a cotton pad under the tap and gently wipe around the nose area (the strip won’t stick to a dry nose).

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Take the smooth and stickier side and apply it on the nose – like I have in the photo below – press down to ensure the whole strip has contact with the skin.

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Set the timer for 10-15 minutes, make yourself a drink and sit down and enjoy the latest YouTube upload in your feed whilst you wait. You can generally guess when the strip is ready to remove as it will feel rigid and firm – similar to how papier-mâché dries. Slowly (and carefully) start peeling back the strip from the edges until you get to the centre.

If you have any pain removing the strip, use your wet cotton pad and dab over the area of the nose where you are finding most difficulty. This should ease it gently and peeling it back will feel easier and pain-free.

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And there you have it, my pores. Bared to the world wide web. No shame, just a feeling of satisfaction of knowing my skin is clean. To be honest you probably can’t see much on there (thank goodness), the pore strip didn’t reveal too much so I’m hoping that this means my skin was pretty clean already…

Have you tried these pore strips before? Leave me a comment and let me know your opinions and recommendations 🙂


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  1. I would really love to see a before/after picture.. I would love to try something to clean my pores, but most of the strips/masks I threw money after didn’t really work.

    • Good idea! Noted – will do a before and after next time I do a review like this 🙂
      If you get the chance to try the ones from M&S do so, they are much better and cheaper 🙂 x