Wednesday’s are all about the Great British Bake Off in my house, and no doubt most homes around Britain too.

I grew up helping my mum bake cakes, so I tend to gravitate towards the classic recipes that the likes of Mary Berry probably made up all those years ago! I find baking a really therapeutic and relaxing hobby, and after a long day at work it’s fun to be a little bit creative in the kitchen (blasting out some of your favourite tunes – Destiny’s Child is my baking soundtrack at the moment).

I have to give beauty blogger and YouTube sensation Tanya Burr full credit for this recipe, and if you would like to try this recipe go and check out her video here. In previous experience, I have found cookies to be a difficult bake to make – but this one is super easy, even for those who can’t cook/won’t cook.


1. Mix 300g of caster sugar with 200g of butter

2. Add 1 egg, and mix

3. Add 325g of self raising flour and sift in stages, mixing inbetween


4. Add the 200g of milk chocolate (I used Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons) and 200g of white chocolate (I used Milky Bar Giant Buttons) – I like to do a ‘taste test’ whilst adding these in, it’s important to make sure the chocolate tastes good 😉

5. Using your hands (if you don’t mind getting messy) or two spoons, separate the mixture into blobs. I found this recipe made enough for 12 cookies.

6. And now you wait…

…Until the 10-12 minutes is up.

 I left the first batch in a few minutes longer than I should have, and found that they weren’t gooey enough in the middle. The second batch I took out and left to cool for 20 minutes, and they were delicious!

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (4)

They are the perfect, indulgent treat – best served with a cup of tea.

Have you tried Tanya’s recipe?


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